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Post-HSCT relapsed precursor B-cell ALL successfully salvaged by BiTE followed by consolidation CAR-T cell therapy: A report of two cases
Wei-Han Huang1,5,6,7, Chun-Rong Tong2, Tong Wu3, Yun-Chu Lin4, Chi-Cheng Li5,6,7
Submitted:March 29, 2020
Accepted:June 12, 2020
Published online:August 4, 2020
Salvage Transplantation with Cord Blood for Graft Rejection of Peripheral Blood Stem Cells due to Donor Specific Antibody
Maria Regina Pelobello de Leon1,2, Shuichiro Takahashi1,3, Masahiro Onozawa1, Makoto Ito4, Manabu Nakano5, Hajime Senjo1, Masahiro Chiba1, Hiroyuki Ohigashi1, Emi Yokoyama1, Junichi Sugita1, Daigo Hashimoto1, Takanori Teshima1
Submitted:May 18, 2020
Accepted:June 26, 2020
Published online:August 31, 2020


Online ISSN:2432-7026