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Case Report
Haploidentical hematopoietic stem cell transplantation with one-day posttransplant cyclophosphamide and anti-thymocyte globulin for graft failure
Hiroshi Imanaga, Takanori Ohta, Seido Oku, Yasuhiro Sugio, Yuju Ohno
Volume 3 (2020) Issue 2 No.1 Pages 18-21
Submitted:July 19, 2019
Accepted:December 15, 2019
Published online:April 21, 2020
Issued online:May 25, 2020
Original Article
Treatment of relapsed acute leukemia by Ara C plus donor lymphocyte infusion using CD34+ cells reserved at the time of allogeneic transplantation
Lee YJ, Back DW, Cho HC, Moon JH, Sohn SK
Volume 3 (2020) Issue 2 No.2 Pages 22-31
Submitted:October 2, 2019
Accepted:December 24, 2019
Published online:April 21, 2020
Issued online:May 25, 2020
Short Communication
Real-world outcomes of stem cell transplantation for severe aplastic anemia: A single-center experience in Northern India
Dharma Choudhury, Meet Kumar, Sanjeev Sharma, Vipin Khandelwal, Divya Doval, Tina Dadu, Rasika Setia, Anil Handoo
Volume 3 (2020) Issue 2 No.3 Pages 32-36
Submitted:December 16, 2019
Accepted:January 31, 2020
Published online:May 25, 2020
Issued online:May 25, 2020

Online First

Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation, Where Have We Come and Where Do We Go
James Gajewski
Submitted:October 4, 2019
Accepted:January 31, 2020
Published online:May 25, 2020
SharatDamodar1, Vivek S Radhakrishnan2, Joseph John M3, Pankaj Malhotra4, Reetu Jain5, Sameer Melinkeri6, Jose Easow7, Alok Srivastava8 on behalf of the Indian Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (ISBMT)
Submitted:May 15, 2020
Accepted:May 26, 2020
Published online:May 28, 2020
Evolution of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Programs in Malaysia
Norashikin Saidon1, Nur Adila Anuar2, Chang Kian Meng3, Ong Tee Chuan4, Tan Sen Mui4, Gan Gin Gin2, Fadilah SAW5, Hany Ariffin6, Lin Hai Peng7, Chan Lee Lee7, Alan Teh7, Bee Ping Chong2
Submitted:December 3, 2019
Accepted:March 6, 2020
Published online:June 10, 2020
High Overall and GVHD-Free Survival in Patients with Aplastic Anemia Receiving in vivo T-cell Depletion Transplants and Long-Term Complications
Maria Queralt Salas MD1,2,3, Eshetu G. Atenafu 4, Wilson Lam MD1,2, Arjun Datt Law MD1,2, Dennis(Dong Hwan)Kim MD1,2,Fotios V. Michelis MD1,2, Zeyad Al-Shaibani MD1,2, Armin Gerbitz MD1,2, Jeffrey Howard Lipton MD1,2,Auro Viswabandya MD1,2, Jonas Mattsson MD1,2, Vikas Gupta MD1, Rajat Kumar MD1,2
Submitted:February 26, 2020
Accepted:May 24, 2020
Published online:July 14, 2020
Post-HSCT relapsed precursor B-cell ALL successfully salvaged by BiTE followed by consolidation CAR-T cell therapy: A report of two cases
Wei-Han Huang1,5,6,7, Chun-Rong Tong2, Tong Wu3, Yun-Chu Lin4, Chi-Cheng Li5,6,7
Submitted:March 29, 2020
Accepted:June 12, 2020
Published online:August 4, 2020


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